The four seasons will often dictate flowers and colors for a wedding. Spring brings a plethora of pastel and fragrant flowers– hyacinths, peonies, lilacs, as well as bright and beautiful tulips and daffodils. Summer brings a wide selection of seemingly wildflowers– delphinium, foxglove, daisies as well as regal hydrangeas and a host of flowers to many to mention from the garden.

With fall comes russets and brassy yellows, raucous reds and oranges– dahlias, black eyed Susans, mums, in addition to wheat, rose hips, seed pods and grasses. Winter offers touches of evergreen, holly, hellebores, anemones and amaryllis, not to mention narcissus and tulips which brings us round to spring again.

Naturally, today, many flowers are available almost year round thanks to the globalization of the industry, but be advised, there can be a price to pay for those rarer out of season bloomsand some brides perfer their flowers to all be local, which limits selections.