Decor for your wedding can simply consist of something at the ceremony site and on the reception tables to all out draping and hanging fabric, lanterns, lights and extensive floral decorations. It’s up to you (and your budget) as to how far you want to go.

For ceremonies, options are many. An arbor, arch or chuppah is a standard choice, but many go for sizable twin floral arrangements, hanging flowers to curtains with floral tie backs.

Centerpieces are often dictated by the look and feel you are going for, but the choices are as varied and as many as their are brides. Containers, as well as floral styles, like fashion, come and go. Mason jars were all the rage for popular country barn weddings, ebbing slightly now. Other possibilities, for various looks, include baskets, concrete or metal urns, “vintage” tins, old bottles and jars, buckets and pails, weathered wood or bark boxes and the ubiquitous glass cylinders.

Extraneous decor such as aisle decor, arrangements for the place card table, bar and dessert table, decoration for tent poles, garlands for the entrance, and draping for the ceilings or walls for the venue depends greatly upon your budget, as it can get very expensive very quickly.

My general consensus is to spend what you can afford and concentrate it on the aspects most important to you. For example, lavish decor for the ceremony will add a multitude for mood but makes a statement for only 20 – 30 minutes. Better to splurge on where the most time is spent and what is, almost always complimented– you, your flowers and the table centerpieces.